There are various online poker games, classified on the basis of different styles, lengths and complexity. Some of the most popular and common games are given below.

1. Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is best for a new player stepping into the field of online poker games. This type of poker is an all-time classic and an ultimate starting point for the new player. The reason behind this is that it is the simplest form s of poker and easy to learn. So, a new player can easily understand the rules and terms of the online poker game.

The steps that are played in this amazing game are

Pre flop each person is dealt with two hole cards face down, which means that the holder need not expose before the shutdown of the game

The flop, then the turn of three community cards, comes, turned face up for all active players to use.

At the turn, a player gets a fourth community card.

In the river, a player gets a fifth community card. These all following steps are continuously followed by the players until the winner is chosen.

2. Omaha

Omaha variation of online poker game like ไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง  is mostly similar to Texas Hold’em, but a slight twist is present. In an Omaha poker game, each player receives four holes card, while in Texas Hold’em, there are two hole cards received by the players. In addition, a player can only use two cards from their hand along with the three community cards that they are holding. Omaha poker is played with five community cards with a flop, turn and river and then betting is the same as Texas Hold’em poker. You can say that Omaha is an upgraded and little bit changed version of Texas Hold’em. This game is mostly played in the casinos or gambling houses of Britain, san Francesco and California.

3. seven-card stud

This is one of the oldest forms of poker game, and at present, a large number of people are a fan of this game. This game is very popular, and a person can see playing this poker at casinos, gambling houses and even on roadsides also. In seven-card stud poker, a player has two to eight players, and there is no flop or community card. For example, the total number of cards your opponents choose to draw after the first round of poker betting could work as an indicator of that specific player.

This form of poker is a little bit complex and includes some different rules and terms. But, if a player knows these rules and terms, then there is no chance that he will not become obsessed with this amazing and interesting game. He can spend a number of hours without boring on weekends with family and friends.


With the passage of time, various other forms of poker are also introduced, but the above-given forms or variations are mostly played and loved by the poker players.

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