When playing Spades, the cards played clockwise, beginning with the player to the dealer’s left. He places a card face-up in the centre of the table, and then each player contributes a card in turn.

If you have no cards in the suit led, you can play anything; if you play a spade on the lead of a heart, diamond, or club, you win the trick because spades trump the other suits. Even the spade is higher than the ace in any other suit. The person who plays the highest card in the led suit or the highest spade collects the four cards played and wins the trick in slot online gacor.

Playing a Game

The player to the dealer’s left makes the first move, and everyone else must follow suit. The trick won by the person who has the highest card. You the trump suit on the first trick unless you dealt a hand of all spades (which means no one else at the table has a spade in their hand). If your partner is the first to take a trick, it is polite to collect the cards for your pair in slot online gacor. Collect the cards, stack them four high, and place them on the table.


It is an alternative strategy. Rather than taking the number of tricks you bet, this strategy takes as many tricks as possible so that someone else cannot get their number and then loses ten times their bet. Most of the time, this used as a defensive strategy, i.e. another player has a lead or is on the verge of winning the game, and you force them to stop them. This strategy reduces your score by taking bags, so it should use with caution. Remember, you miss the cut, you take a tonne of bags your opponents get the maximum score possible; when simply playing would have given you the maximum.

Play for the set

Beginning players are generally concerned with things: Make their bid and avoid bags. Both of these are good things to do, but they result in a very passive, defensive style of play. More experienced players will try to set their opponents whenever it would give the setting team an advantage. Setting your opponents costs them 100 points if they bid even a low five tricks (the 50 they would have made and the 50 they will be docked for the set). As you can see, almost any number of overtricks will suffice to complete the even if they cost 9 points each.

Nil bid

When a player bids nil or zero, it implies that the player will not win any tricks during the round or hand. Furthermore, if both partners bid nil and are successful, the partnership receives 200 points. If both partners fail the nil bid, the partnership is penalised 200 points.

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